Story of my Covid Ordeal

I caught Covid just after Easter. I am sure, no one ever wants to hear “covid positive”. Maybe I am an irresponsible, atheist, and terrible person. Maybe I was not following covid guidelines or my name is not in God’s favorite book. On the other hand, those who didn’t get covid are the highly immune, God’s favorite, and responsible people on Earth. Bullshit!!! It is shame that there are people who really think so.

Bible says “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy”.

Coronavirus comes as a thief irrespective of how preventive measures you are taking, it comes into your body to steal your joy, destroy your health, and even kill you. You never know when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time with someone wrong. It might have happened to me too and I got it…

My ordeal started on Tuesday afternoon (after an Easter)with a mild fever, but by the time it is night, the fever was super high. Unfortunately, We didn’t have any fever reducer medicine at home other than NyQuil syrup. Next three days, my wife and I were fighting a war against an unknown enemy. She was doing everything just to keep my body temperature below 37.8 C. I didn’t have any other symptom than a high fever and unbearable muscle and body pain. But, blissfully, my fever broke on day 4 and left with intense weakness, some sort of tastelessness, and occasionally cough. No respiratory problem so far. Thanks to God !!!. I booked my covid test for Friday and received an online result on Sunday early morning. It was “POSITIVE”.

Both my wife and my 11 years old son also started feeling fever on Friday and took Tylenol whenever they had a fever, however, their fever was mild just under 38.0 C. But our real suffering started on Sunday after my positive report, that news broke us emotionally. We had to not only fight this illness but also protect our son from getting exposed to it. We didn’t know he had already exposed. We isolated our son in his room for the next 10 days to kept him away from us and from anything that we were touching. I really proud of him, he did everything without any complaint.

There was another shock waiting for us. Sunday afternoon my wife took Tylenol 500mg for her fever and severe body pain, after 20 minutes, she started breathing very fast and kept saying “I am not able to breath”. I called 911, in less than 10 minutes a fire brigade truck and a paramedic ambulance was outside of our house and two well-dressed paramedic personal with three bags were knocking on our door. They checked all the vital parameters of my wife like oxygen saturation, ECG, etc, everything came normal. Oxygen level was 100%, no need to go to the hospital Thank God!!! I guess, she had a panic attack. Next week was very painful for her, she had severe muscles and body pain with fever, at one moment Tylenol gave up to control fever. So as the family doctor advised, I started giving her Tylenol and ibrufen alternatively every 4–5 hours. She had no other symptoms than fever with body ache. It all lasted 7 days, after that, she had just weakness and no breathing issue. Despite all this, we were very relieved that our son was perfectly fine and had no other symptoms after that one day of mild fever.

After my quarantine restriction, we went for the covid test. As expected, the result came positive for both. It was really a setback for us. We kept our son away from outside, studying from home since the pandemic started and not even taking him inside the grocery store, still, the thief made a way to get into his body.

One month has passed now. We are back to our normal life, all symptoms are disappeared, but emotional and mental scare will not go away soon. The psychological state of having a virus that is a literal killer is a burden that’s really too much for anyone to handle. I still have no answer for what would happen if I had to hospitalize or we both. It's going to be a long way to fully come out of what I just lived through, I don’t even know what type of damages this thief has done to my body.

Whenever do I ask God why us? below bible verse comes in my mind

Psalm 34:19–20

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