How to broadcast your church zoom meetings on multiple social media platforms

During this pandemic, Zoom became one of the most prominent cloud platforms for video conferencing. Zoom is not only a video and voice calling service but it gives you a powerful platform to live stream for passive users or participants.

This post will show you the simple steps to live stream your zoom services like bible study and weekly prayer meeting on Facebook, YouTube, or other streaming services. We will integrate a cloud-based streaming service that provides you to live stream on multiple social media platforms.

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Enable live streaming

To enable the live streaming option for the zoom account, go to ‘Account Management’, select ‘Account Setting’. It will open a ‘Meeting’ tab with different configuration options, look for the ‘Allow live streaming of meetings’ option. Enable this option, it will show different live streaming platform options

Checked the options you want to use along with ‘Custom Live Streaming Service’. If you want to broadcast your live content through only then just select the custom live stream option. Save the setting, you can set up the same under the personal account or group level set up.

Schedule a meeting

Now you can schedule a new meeting or edit the existing one to enable and set up the live streaming URL and streaming key. Go to the meeting configuration screen, you will get this screen after saving the general meeting details. There will be an option ‘Configure Custom Streaming Service’ to set up your

You need to give the below details to link your account to zoom.

Press the save button to save this configuration for the meeting.

Live Streaming

Now you can start your meeting in the ZOOM app. In the control panel below click the More button and select the “Live on Custom Live Streaming Service” option

Press that Go Live button, Restream will broadcast your live stream on every connected channel in

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